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2019 SEEP Annual Conference - Request for Abstracts for the Innovation Challenge

  1. This form must be complete in order for innovation proposal to be considered.
  2. This form must be submitted by May 31.
  3. Please be sure to read the entire Request for Proposals before you submit this form.
  4. Thoroughly review the Presenter Policies.
  5. Contact with any questions you may have.
To be selected to participate in the Innovation Challenge, applicants must submit a one-page abstract (500 words or less) that outlines the innovation according to recognized processes of innovation.

The Abstract should fulfill the criteria outlined in the full RFP, and clearly and succinctly address the following:
1. Recognition of a specific problem or challenge
What is the problem you are trying to solve, and why is it important? How does the problem impede or negatively impact resilience?
2. Ideation of a creative solution or novel idea that addresses a problem or seizes an opportunity
What is the proposed solution to the problem? How does the solution address the barriers to resilience as identified in the problem statement? What makes the solution innovative?
3. Implementation that tests, adapts and evaluates the innovation
Describe how the solution was implemented, what was the context, outcomes and impact? What evidence do you have that demonstrates the innovation supports, leads to, or fosters resiliency? Did the innovation address the problem as intended? How did you adapt the process or product based on local contexts, lessons learned, etc.?
4. Diffusion of successful innovations - taking them to scale and promoting their wider use
What are the factors that demonstrate scalability of the innovation? What are some of the considerations, barriers, challenges that need to be addressed in order to scale? How might the innovation transform a sector or commonly held practice in a way that leads to systemic change?
5. Relation to the conference themes
How does the innovation advance the conference theme?  What is the innovation's contribution to learning under one of the four technical tracks?

There may only be one applicant per abstract, and each applicant must be a SEEP member in good standing. If you are interested in joining our global network of more than 100+ diverse organizations, we encourage you to apply for membership. If you are unsure of the status of your organization, or if you would like to put your organization's membership in good standing, please contact
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Below, either write your Innovation Challenge Abstract into the space provided below or upload your 500-word Abstract where prompted. It is unnecessary to do both.
Type or copy and paste your Abstract here, taking care to respond to the criteria outlined above and in the Request for Proposals. 
5. Upload your Innovation Challenge Abstract (max 500 words)
Please share how your organization will assist in the promotion of your poster session if you are selected as one of five finalists. Examples include media outreach, blogs, posting on social media, adding to online organizational calendar, sending email blasts to targeted audiences, promoting via partners, etc.